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Technology & Marketing Have Advanced

What Is A Virtual Tour

Virtual Reality (VR) is not just for nerds anymore! The Internet, cell phones, Amazon and Google/Maps have nearly replaced the Yellow Pages, Classified Ads and a majority of printed media. We can review a businesses, search and buy products or home listings all online without leaving the sofa! And lead generation has leapt even further with the ability for a two-way conference in real time! Virtual Reality will not replace in-person sales, but it will bring you more informed buyers ready to begin the sales process.

A Recent Residential Listing

This Virtual Tour features a unique marketing tool allowing the real estate agent, or a professional, interact live with the prospective customer* (discussed later)

"My Client & I chose to use a virtual tour for the first time recently and it resulted in a full price offer on the listing during the shutdown...and the only showing opportunity was from the virtual tour! Listed on local MLS Tuesday morning, on Zillow that afternoon, and offer made on Saturday!"
Jim Dahem

Virtual Tours

A realistic representation of your business, venue or listing!

The #1 goal of any business is to increase revenue.  This goal can be fulfilled with great customer service and good marketing.  Virtual Tour technology will address both at a reasonable cost. 

A Country Home Listing

79% of Repeat Home Buyers and 84% of First Time Home Buyers Use the Internet to Search

Whether they are 1st time home buyers or repeat buyers, The National Association of Realtors Survey states that a majority of home buyers search and use the internet in order to find their next home. 

And the internet viewer will spend 300% more time reviewing a listing with a Virtual Tour vs a listing without one. (

A Virtual Tour can be implemented on your business website & the MLS listing that will benefit both you and your potential buyer

The Comics Club

Virtual Tours: not just for homes anymore...

In a recent study conducted by Google, it found people’s interest in local businesses increased when the company had a 360 tour available for review. It was noted that businesses with a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest and future business.

This same study reflected that 67% of respondents actually wanted more businesses to include virtual tours in their marketing material, meaning that audiences value the interaction and personalized experience virtual 360 tours provide.

Cycle Bar-Retail

Further Facts:

Further research reveals that more than 50% of adults depend on the internet and immersive pictures on a regular basis – hence in part of Amazon’s rise in popularity. Virtual Tours make your business stand out from other similar business’ and generate greater interest. Websites with VT’s are viewed 5-10 times longer than those without.

80% of Internet shoppers say images are crucial when deciding to buy or use a company’s product or services (Pew Internet Life)


Professional Services Benefit Too

Immersive 360 photos became popular in social media years ago and potential customers are now familiarized with this format. Facebook and YouTube have taught us to seek out interactive images and video. The research firm Social Bakers state 360 degree photos generated 45% more interactions than conventional photos.

 This presents a marketing opportunity not only for real estate, but for restaurants, hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Dentists, Chiropractors, ALF’s, retail and all professional services of any kind that aspire to showcase their products and services online in a highly effective and interactive manner.
all tour providers are not equal

Why We're Different

Although many virtual tour Makers offer similar features and experiences, we at Virtual Tour Live focus not on a great tour of course, but also optimize on a unique lead generation option as well as a LIVE, face-to-face method for the business owner or real estate agent to meet with the customer in real time, to further discuss the business or listing. Call us today and see this feature today!

Who Needs A Virtual Tour?

biz list

Why you need a Virtual Tour?


  • A marketing technology that promotes your business or services 24/7/365
  • Allows prospective customers to experience your business from anywhere at any time
  • Beautiful, interactive and stimulating representation of your premises or listing
  • Having a Virtual Tour should be a top priority for any business owners
  • Increases the likelihood of customers visiting your place of business
  • It is an innovative, smart and unique Marketing tool
  • Let the customers experience your location
  • Offers a whole new opportunity to market & engage with prospective customers
  • Shows transparency which builds consumer trust & confidence
  • This could be the boost you need to outshine competitors
  • Use high-quality Virtual Tour to ensure potential clients choose you over the competition
  • Virtual Tours will dramatically increase engagement

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