About Us

My Father was a junkie…a camera junkie that is…

I remember his 1st Yashica camera, wrapped in a neat leather cut-out body skin, with a very thin strap, just like it was yesterday…(or 50 years ago…)

In my mid-teens, I purchased a Canon AE-1, probably a top of the line pro-sumer camera at that time. Of course I had to get a zoom lens and all the goodies available at the time.

Then came my enlistment into the U. S. Marine Corps and of course everything changed. Part of my duties entailed photographing the various housing units, Clubs & Mess’ operations thru the Audits we made. That camera got a work out.

Fast forward past my honorable discharge and my hospitality experience/ownership, was a brief stint as a real estate agent.

Now, in my 3rd or fourth career move…lol…I find myself swinging back to photography. I’ve a fascination with 360° immersion photography and truly believe interactive photography is here to stay…jump on the digital bandwagon and hang on!